Formerly called marriage counselling, couple counselling or relationship counselling has been a major strand of my business for 21 years. You will find I do not blame, judge or take sides. I am open to feedback if I have missed something: in fact I invite couples to give me feedback on whether the approach I have chosen suits them…  We work together.

LGBTI-friendly, I work with respect, honouring couples from varied backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Evangelical Christians have often sought me out and found my approach helpful, and I have worked with Buddhists, Hindus and Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as atheists or those with alternative spiritual traditions.

Some couple issues I have worked with include:

  • Sexual matters: sexual addictions, sexual orientation, impotence, dissatisfaction, loss of interest or passion mis-matched sex drive, becoming orgasmic, pregnancy.
  • Affairs
  • Communication/conflict resolution
  • Pre-marriage counselling
  • Post-retirement matters
  • Anger management/ domestic violence
  • In laws and outlaws
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Relationship goals/ are you going in the same direction?
  • Emotional intimacy/ rebuilding friendship
  • Step-parenting/ blended families
  • Parenting together
  • Coming out to your partner/family/kids

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5 Tips for Developing Intimacy

Communication Skills

We have had several sessions with Jewel as a couple, and as individuals as issues arose through the process of couples counselling. Jewel is a wonderful counsellor. She has been incredibly helpful and effective in helping us identify things that need to be attended to and in the supportive and sensitive way she helped us meet the challenges we faced as a couple and as individuals. Having Jewel as our counsellor has made an enormous difference to our marriage and our individual lives. We cannot speak to highly of Jewel and would happily recommend her to anyone seeking counselling. -Teachers, Kings Langley.
Working in the field of human services, it’s easy to overlook the importance of individual therapy for ourselves as part of our self-care plan. Initially I was very nervous about pursuing my own therapeutic process through counselling, however Jewel fully supported me through the transition into counselling. I’ve seen Jewel for over 8 months now and she has always felt comfortable and safe.  I could not recommend her enough. -Senior Clinical Consultant, Parramatta.