Are you struggling to relate to someone with a disability, mental health issue or other life difficulty? Do you need strategies, better coping skills or support? Then this free counselling is available for you.

I am funded through Carers NSW to see clients for 6 Sessions of free counselling. My way of working is client centred and strengths based.  I am passionate about working with carers which I have been doing for 9  years of the 19 years I have been counselling.

A Carer is defined broadly:

  • It could be a friend, neighbour or relative that someone is caring for, a child, a parent, a partner etc
  • The CARER does NOT have to be on a Carers Benefit to receive this counselling
  • The CAREE might be someone with asthma, or ADHD, mental health issues, mild Asperger’s through to Autism, people who are in wheelchairs, a child or adult who has chronic illnesses that are mild or serious, but which are impacting on the carer.
  • The definition of CARER is very broad and there does not need to be any paperwork to “prove” that it is “proper caring”; it is a kind and respectful definition.

The counselling focuses on the caring role, as it expresses itself in:

  • Finding balance in life within the limits of the situation
  • Setting boundaries /assertiveness
  • Family dynamics
  • Grief and loss, anger
  • Couple counselling
  • Working through a decision to end a marriage/ co-parenting plans
  • Communication and parenting skills
  • Finding hope, new strategies and skills
  • Referral to other agencies and supports

All Carers NSW counsellors are fully registered with PACFA, meeting national standards as senior practitioners and all undertake specific training in working with carers.

I found Jewel to be professional yet friendly, relaxed and interested in me as a person and because of this always felt comfortable and safe to share with her openly & truthfully. [She] enabled me to better appreciate myself & value the role of caring for my mother.  I believe the way in which I was counselled leading up to, & following my mother’s death helped facilitate my ability to move forward with hope into the next stage of my life.  Jewel has great empathy & understanding & an appropriate balance in supporting you in where you are, yet challenging & encouraging you to believe you can move forward from there. -Receptionist, Bundeena NSW.