This is a free service to those members of the community who find they are supporting someone with a disability, a health problem or mental health issues. It could be a neighbour, work-mate, parent, partner, sibling or child. It could even be someone in your soccer team! Six sessions are available initially, with the possibility of further sessions as needed. You do NOT need to be on a carers benefit to qualify. I have specialised training and extensive experience in this area. Available in my office at Blackheath or all areas by phone or skype.

I provide skilled, ethical and confidential counselling to individuals at my Blackheath office. Also available in all areas on skype. I work with adults, children and adolescents using a range of approaches so I can tailor the counselling for your specific needs. I offer both short-term and long-term counselling.

My two years of training in couple counselling, and many years’ experience with hundreds of couples, means that I can more quickly find focus and strategies to work with you. I do not take sides, and I do not blame: each of you is doing the best they can to resolve the issues you have. Relationship counselling with me will help you help yourselves, giving you new ways to approach old problems. Available in my office at Blackheath or all areas by phone or skype.

I offer Sandplay as a way of exploring feelings, experiences and life! Many adults are intrigued to have a try, and it is up to you whether that is your thing. Children are not shy about using it, and some adolescents are ready to have a go. Once people try it they usually love it because it is surprising and enlightening; it is also sometimes a quicker and more comfortable way to  resolve things and move forward in your life.

Having used skype for a few years, I believe it is a good alternative for some clients. Skype counselling can be an efficient use of time, reduces your carbon footprint, and it is discreet. Some of my supervisees prefer to use skype as well. You need a computer and the internet, and we can meet wherever you are.

Counsellors, psychotherapists and most people who work with people can benefit from supervision. I have been supervising for over 10 years and am accredited as a supervisor with PACFA. More than a third of my work is now supervising counsellors and others, and I am passionate about equipping others to become the best therapist they can be. Supervision is offered at Blackheath and on Skype.