It’s great to give you resources to help you get on top of your problems, and take charge of your life. Now you will be able to find most of the resources I recommend in a session right here, without having to remember titles or authors or other details. Usually I will have a brief comment relating to books I recommend, but if you wish to know more please contact me.

Articles which have no source indicated are written by me. Where I have found articles elsewhere I will do my best to give you the web address or reference.

External links are mainly places to go to find out information for yourself. Please let me know if you find any links are no longer appropriate, disused or out of date.

My Blog will gradually have conversation starters and ideas I have found for you to consider. Please feel free to have a conversation, or to respond. Most of my Blog will be mainly of interest to counsellors and therapists.

Happy reading and exploring!