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The Self of the Counsellor
2 Feb 2019

There is an energetic presence in the room when a counsellor has ‘come home’ to herself to a sufficient degree. I have felt it in some of my counsellors/supervisors, but not in others. Some are so busy with a tool box to be present. Noses down, they rummage noisily within, rattling and clanging spanners and hammers, busily deciding what goes where. Which tool is best? And how many tools do I need?

And there are times when I, too, am guilty of hiding from the client in this way....

What is Dissociation
What is Dissociation?
7 Dec 2018

Now bear with me! Put on your seat belt, this post gets a bit technical…but I am trying to keep it practical. By the end of this post you should have a big picture about dissociation so that the more practical blogs that follow (or precede) this one have a place to slot into.
There are several schools of thought around what dissociation is. An altered state of consciousness? A light trance state? Spacing out? Living with a barrier between you and your feelings? Not connecting with yourself...

Are you qualified to work with trauma and dissociation?
Are you qualified to work with trauma and dissociation?
22 Nov 2018

I recommend you read my “Dissociation: How to recognise it” post prior to reading this post.
Let’s say you have been counselling “Mary” for several months. You have a good working relationship, and she now is beginning to trust you, so much so that she is letting you see that she has distinct parts of self who pop in to visit some sessions, leaving the part you thought you knew behind. Or she begi...

Am I qualified to be a counsellor?
Am I qualified to be a counsellor?
6 Oct 2018

How do you explain the rich tapestry of life events that qualify you for counselling people who need assistance in dealing with life, or in making decisions? There are the obvious things: the training, the professional reading, the conferences and seminars attended over 20 years. These I have done. I have degrees to prove I am a thoughtful practitioner; I have years of experience that show I am familiar with the rhythm of personal work with couples and individuals from all walks of life.

Self reflection
Self-reflection, Questions for Post-session
15 Sep 2018

It is important and useful to critically reflect on our practice regularly. This free download will really get your head and heart going as you reflect on a session with a client, especially if you are unsure of what just happened, or a theme is emerging in the work.
Here are some self-reflection questions for post-session....