About Me

I live and work west of Sydney in my home and garden in the beautiful upper Blue Mountains. I love Blues music, laughter, books, gardening and being in the water. Friends and family sustain me.

I’m what is politely called a “mature” woman, or middle aged (sigh…I’d prefer old duck!). I’m large, zany and can be loud: I love to see life in all of its ridiculous, marvellous fullness. I believe the tough battering times in my life have tenderised my heart, but not made me soft in the head. So I bring all of this into the counselling room, along with my years as a parent and high school teacher, my passion for life and my love of people

If you were in the counselling room, you would hear peals of laughter at times, tears and sometimes, silence. I reckon we just get real. Eventually we all stop beating around the bush, and then clients say it like it is. Thank goodness! It’s always such a relief for clients to say what’s really happening for them, and to have that honoured and respected. Then we can reach forward to the resting place clients seek inside themselves and in relationships.

I gently bring my clients to a place where they can be genuinely curious and compassionate about themselves and those they love. No judgement is wanted or needed in the counselling room. We seek out any being-hard-on-yourself-attitudes and uproot them. This allows truth to be held with gentle compassion, and only then are new ways of living and loving possible. Hope emerges.

My quirky sense of humour and creative playing of hunches seems to work for clients: they refer families and friends to me, often over many years.