How to Choose a Supervisor
7 Mar 2016

Tips for Choosing a Supervisor (If you are able to have external supervision with the supervisor of your choice.)


  • Ask your peers if they can recommend someone. Or go to the PACFA website to see who is in your area, or is your style. You nay want someone who understands a particular model of counselling.
  • Find someone who is within a distance that works for you. Or try skype if that suits your situation.
  • Remember it is your supervision and you can choose who you see. You are able to move on at any time, within the bounds of the contract that you verbally make with the supervisor.
  • Ask about the supervisor’s training and experience/ recognition with PACFA or other relevant body as a supervisor.
  • Ask what approach they use/how they work and how they will work with your preferred modalities. (Narrative, EFT, Systems etc.)
  • Find someone who gets you/gives you the feeling you can build a relationship with them. You also want someone who helps you grow, and is encouraging not shaming. Recheck your gut feeling after 6 sessions.
  • Book an appointment to suss each other out. The supervisor should spend at least half an hour on contracting/getting to know each other/ your wants/needs/expectations. You should have clarity at the end of the hour.
  • Contracting should also cover ethics, frequency and length of sessions, timing of review, limits of confidentiality, the supervisor’s approach to working with your personal issues that may emerge in the work, cost and payment and any other matters that apply to you, including paperwork/accreditation requirements.