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Is it a challenge to make changes in your life sometimes, or to make sense of difficult times? Sometimes you can feel like you are in a war zone in your relationships with others, or feel lost, depressed, anxious, stuck. You may be carrying trauma from the past, or be unsure of who you are or how to change things in your life.

I’m here to listen, to help you make sense of the whole situation, to move forward, and bring new understanding and a fresh perspective. I believe the relationship we form together is central to the counselling process.

Along the way, you will learn more about yourself, or your relationship “dance”, or about how you got to where you are. I will be with you as you travel: looking for patterns, for the bits you emphasise or that you didn’t notice before….. And your needs, values, beliefs and hopes will be central to our work together.

My commitment is to be present in each moment: genuine, fully engaged and skilled. My approach allows you to deeply explore what is causing the problems and barriers in your life, and to find new ways through.

Jewel Jones has been my clinical supervisor for over three years.  Through her support, expertise and competence I have continued to grow in my practice.  Jewel is a highly skilled and creative counsellor and psychotherapist.  I would have no hesitation in referring clients to her.
When I first met Jewel, I was overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling to manage the many different emotions parents can feel when raising a child with a disability. Jewel has supported me to normalise and work through my feelings of grief, provided me with strategies to challenge my anxiety and helped me incorporate self-care into my life. -Caseworker, Sackville.