I have been supervising for about 10 years and am an accredited supervisor with PACFA. My own supervision has always felt safe and very productive; so I seek to give my supervisees the same positive experience. I love going to supervision, and I love giving supervision!

I am informed by Daphne Hewson’s Supervision Triangle and work according to each worker’s stage of development. Transference, counter-transference and projective identification are all part of the picture, and so is setting up a business, requirements of professional bodies and preventing burn-out.

Skype supervision works well. I offer skype supervision nationally in Australia and also to counsellors from overseas.  It is an excellent alternative to face to face supervision when that seems impractical. Some supervisees have skype supervision with me because they want my particular expertise with couples, trauma, dissociation or domestic violence. Some come to me because of my relational focus.

I am increasingly using Sandplay or Focusing in face to face supervision, when it suits the supervisee. Sometimes we use role-plays, tapes of work or case notes to explore what is happening in the room with the client, at other times we might use art, mind-mapping or silence. Whatever works! The client is our primary concern: we are trying together to make your practice the best it can be. Hopefully, we will have fun along the way, and enjoy sparking each other’s mind and heart.

For a fuller understanding of how I supervise, you can read My Philosophy of Supervision here.

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Supervisory Experience:

Since 2003 I have seen people in a range of roles for supervision, including:

  • Counsellors at all stages of development
  • Relationship counsellors
  • Counsellors in private practice
  • Counsellors in agencies (eg Salvos Counselling, LifeCare )
  • Counsellors of children
  • Group workers (eg Parenting groups, Domestic Violence groups, )
  • Addictions counsellors (Gambling, Alcohol and Other Drugs )
  • Mental Health workers
  • Managers of community organisations
  • SHLV workers (domestic violence workers who help keep women safe)
  • Brighter Futures and EIPP (Early Intervention with families at risk of significant harm …ROSH)
  • Many others…


  • ALL AREAS by skype.
  • Face to face in the Nepean/Hawkesbury area (limited places available),
  • Blackheath (most days/nights) and Lithgow (TBA)
I have seen Jewel for professional supervision support on a number of occasions. I have found her to be insightful and helpful, she is a great sounding board and an excellent listener. Jewel is always very present and her responses are both thoughtful and relevant. I would highly recommend her for counselling, debriefing or professional supervision.  -Community Service Manager, Richmond.