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Should You Become a Couples Counsellor?
12 May 2016

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a couples counsellor, or relationship counsellor, or marriage counsellor….Whatever you call it, let me tell you it is a journey of growth, challenge, joy and despair. Because relationships are hard work. Therefore, working with couples to increase satisfaction or repair broken bits is hard work. It’s a challenge for the couple, and it’s a challenge to you as the counsellor.
How do you know if you are suited to a career in relationship counselling?...

Counselling Couples: The Dance
8 May 2016

It's all about the couple dance. It is NOT about who is right, or who is wrong. I always try to remember I am counselling for the relationship, and that the relationship is my client. Otherwise it is easy to get lost in the individual issues.
It took a long time, maybe 5 years of counselling couples to really be able to see the relationship as the focus, and I find supervisees take some time to stop wanting to “fix” individual issues, rather than work with the couple dynamics. Or the co...

Free Supervision Preparation Form
18 Mar 2016

My previous post How to Make the Most of Clinical Supervision suggested using a form like this one. This post has delivered the goods. Here is one kind of preparation you can use. Love to hear how it went. Questions? Contact me. Happy to chat!
SUPERVISION PREPARATION FORM                         ...

Supervision: How to Make the Most of it
15 Mar 2016

Once you have found a supervisor, (See How to Choose a Supervisor) or have had one allocated to you, how do you make good use of supervision?
Remember, there is always an element of quality assurance in any clinical supervision. And rightly so. We need to be accountable for what happens behind closed doors with clients. And we need to feel free enough to trust, to feel safe enough to face our mistak...

How to Choose a Supervisor
7 Mar 2016

Tips for Choosing a Supervisor (If you are able to have external supervision with the supervisor of your choice.)

  • Ask your peers if they can recommend someone. Or go to the PACFA website to see who is in your area, or is your style. You nay want someone who understands a particular model of counselling.
  • Find someone who is within a distance that works for you. Or try skype if that suits your situation.
  • Remember it is your supervision and you can choos...