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Counselling Right-Left-Right-Left Brain
13 Jan 2017

In my last two posts: Good Therapy Using Right and Left Brain and How to Counsel Right Brain to Right Brain I introduced the idea that left and right matter when it comes to counselling. You need to know when it is the right time to take the client into their left brain, and when to use right brain approaches. Some people might use the words “gut” for right brain and “head” for right brain.
Responsive Counselling
Right brain-left brain responsiveness is a good way to increase your...

Grief and Loss: How to Have a Pity Party
13 Dec 2016

I think self-pity is underrated! If we do not feel pity for ourselves, then who will? Yes, of course people can make self-pity into a career (trust me, it doesn’t pay well!), but on the whole, many of us avoid feeling the pain of grief. We prefer to eat it away (guilty!), drink, gamble, talk, exercise or drug it away. Anything but face the grief, talk to the grief, walk around it and let it do its thing. A Pity Party is one way to give resolution to your grief.
In my previous blog post

Grief and Loss Counselling: 7 tips
25 Nov 2016

We grieve because we have had a loss: of a relationship, of hopes, of a life not lived…. Sometimes losses are more concrete: an engagement ring, a job or a home. So how do therapists “do” grief counselling?
I suspect there is no one answer, except that I believe that in many ways we need to “do” little. Here are 7 quick tips:

  • Name it as grief
  • Welcome the grief: deepen the process when needed
  • Be fully present: to your own and the client’s experi...
How to Counsel Right Brain to Right Brain
2 Jun 2016

My earlier post  Good Therapy Using Right and Left Brain pointed out that counsellors would benefit from having a rhythm between working with a client right brain to right brain and then left brain to left brain. I also explained the difference between right and left brains. In this post I am focussing on what I mean by working right brain to right brain.
Begin With Reverie
Right brain therapy sta...

Good Therapy Using Right and Left Brain
25 May 2016

What’s the Right Brain/Left Brain Got to do With Good Therapy?
There’s a lot of talk in the therapy world about the “extra factor” (maybe we should call it the X Factor) that makes counselling sing. I suggest that there is a relationship rhythm between client and therapist that involves two brains…well, if you really want to get technical, it involves four brains!
We each have a brain made up of two brains: right and left. It’s important here to know your right from your left....